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    Dr. Dave Robinson has been a chiropractor in Massachusetts for more than 26 years, and a personal trainer for over 20 years.


    "Well Being is not a destination or achievement. It's far more than being free of symptoms and illness. Well Being is about a better way of life...about rising above the status quo lifestyle and apathy toward healthy living...establishing proactive healthy living changes to evolve your approach to and concept of health and health care and empower well being. Empower well being. Empower your evolution." - David W. Robinson, D.C.

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    Chiropractor Since 1989

    Nationally Certified Personal Trainer Since 1996

    Dave, a native of New Bedford, received a B.S. in biology from Bridgewater State University in Bridgewater Massachusetts. During his second year at BSU, he began to research various health disciplines. Upon learning about and experiencing chiropractic, he knew it was exactly what he wanted to pursue.


    After undergraduate school, Dave enrolled in Life University School of Chiropractic in Marietta Georgia where he received a D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic) degree. His first year at Life University, he was introduced to the exercise and fitness profession, and it became his second passion.


    Since graduating chiropractic school, Dr. Dave has had practices in New Bedford, Plymouth and Peabody. Each designed as small, low volume, wellness based practices.

    He has also been a staff chiropractor in a large practice in Boston.


    His current practice is located in New Bedford. It is a private-patient practice that is wellness based and pure chiropractic. Invitation to be a prospective patient is only through meeting David. Acceptance as a patient is determined by a consultation. A limited number of patients are accepted. All patients are scheduled by appointment only. House Calls are available by appointment for established patients. Cash at the time of appointment is the accepted method of payment. There is no involvement on any level with any type of insurance, personal injury, auto accident or worker compensation case.


    Seven years into private practice, Dave received national certification as a personal trainer from the Aerobics & Fitness Association of America in Sherman Oaks California.

    Presently, he is one of the original staff members and personal trainers at the Dartmouth YMCA Healthy Living Center in South Dartmouth Massachusetts, a new boutique style fitness center which opened in April 2014, where all of his personal training and fitness instruction is done. For complete details about personal training with Dave and his experience as a personal trainer, visit DrDavePersonalTraining.


    After 15 years practicing as a chiropractor and 9 years experience as a personal trainer, he put his professions aside and stepped up to assist in full time care-taking of a parent with dementia/Alzheimer's. Five years later, Dave returned to personal training, and a year later began seeing a limited number of private patients as a chiropractor.


    At 56, he continues a 33 year long "staple" of daily exercise with a love for outdoor activities.

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