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    Dave Robinson - Personal Trainer/Healthy Living Adviser/Speaker

    Welcome to Empower Your Evolution!

    Exercise, all four types - strength, cardiovascular, stretching and functional - are essential to and the key components of maintaining well being. Contrary to popular thinking, well being is not a destination or achievement and is far more than being free of symptoms and illness. Well being is about living in your best quality of health. It’s about rising above the status quo lifestyle and apathy toward healthy living, establishing proactive changes in your lifestyle, and, in your approach to and concept of health and health care, to empower your well being. Empower well being and you empower your evolution...you choose to thrive!

    - Dr. Dave Robinson



    Dave Robinson - Personal Trainer/Healthy Living Adviser/Speaker

    Are you new to exercise and fitness and not sure what to do and how to do it to get the best results? How many times, after starting an exercise program did you lose motivation, and/or get bored, and quit? How many times have you done “weight loss” or "diet"?

    Get the guidance, motivation and expertise you need to achieve more than your goals. Receive one-to-one personal training and advising on exercise, fitness and lifestyle changes from a seasoned, nationally certified personal trainer with 22 years experience in one-to-one personal training, more than 36 years active experience in fitness, and, with more than 28 years experience in wellness as a chiropractor. David accepts a limited number of private clients for in-home and seasonal (May - Oct) outdoor personal training, as well as for advising on exercise/fitness and healthy living.

    Dave Robinson - Personal Trainer/Healthy Living Adviser/Speaker

    As a speaker, David avoids the sugar-coated rhetoric, delivering a powerful and sorely needed message concerning the decades of apathy about health. He enlightens his audience on how to break free of this apathy, and how to make well being the quality of lifestyle to aspired to.

    With popular culture conditioning us with the unhealthy model of "immediate change", David explains the benefits and longevity of a KISS (keep it simple) and DIGS (do it gradually) approach to lifestyle changes and well being.

    David will also introduce you to the powerful hidden gift, innate intelligence, that's inside your body, that few people are ever aware of or tap into to enhance their health.

    Speaking is available to all types of groups, conventions, meetings, churches, lyceums, events, seminars and colleges/universities.




    Dave Robinson - Personal Trainer/Healthy Living Adviser/Speaker

    Nationally certified as a personal trainer through the Athletic and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) in Sherman Oaks California since 1996, David has also been a licensed chiropractor in Massachusetts since 1989. He earned his graduate-professional degree of D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic) from Life University, and has an undergraduate degree (B.S.) in biology from Bridgewater State University.

    David established his first private practice - a Vitalistic-based (wellness) practice - in his hometown of New Bedford. He maintained a wellness practice with his successive private practice in Plymouth while also running his own personal training business as an independent contractor out of fitness centers in Plymouth and Pembroke, and working as a contracted personal trainer for the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council’s police cadet physical training program.

    Later, relocating to Southern California, David worked as a personal trainer and staff member at athletic clubs in Solana Beach and San Diego where he gained experience working along side some of the top fitness professionals at that time.

    Upon returning from the West Coast he entered a wellness practice in Peabody as a partner and worked as a staff chiropractor in a large multidisciplinary practice in Boston.

    Several years later he moved back to the South Coast to become a sole proprietor doing in-home personal training, while also working as a staff member and personal trainer at the Newport County YMCA Wellness Center.

    Currently, David is a part time staff member and personal trainer at the Dartmouth YMCA Healthy Living Center, having been there since its opening in April 2014.

    For over 36 years, since age 22, David has engaged in 60 to 90 minutes of daily fitness, with a love for outdoor activities.





    For personal training, fitness/lifestyle advising or speaking leave a voice message for David at 508-542-7335. Be sure to include your full name in your message. Your call will be returned as soon as possible.