"Rise above the status quo lifestyle

    and invest in healthy living to empower your well being.

    Empower your well being, you empower your evolution...

    You choose to thrive!"

    - Dr. David Robinson



    David is a seasoned, nationally certified personal fitness trainer with 22 years experience in one-to-one personal fitness training, more than 36 years active experience in fitness, and, with 6 years experience in general practice and 10 years in wellness practice as a chiropractor. His education and past experience includes


    • Undergraduate degree (B.S.) in biology from Bridgewater State University
    • Graduate-professional degree of D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic) from Life University
    • Nationally certified personal fitness trainer through the Athletic and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) in Sherman Oaks California, 1996
    • Licensed chiropractor in Massachusetts, 1989
    • Active private practice of chiropractic for 16 years (for chiropractic educational info, visit theorganicchiropractor.com).
    • Employed staff chiropractor, multidisciplinary practice in Boston for 3 years
    • Independent contractor personal trainer at fitness centers in Plymouth and Pembroke
    • Contracted personal trainer for the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council’s police cadet physical training program in Pembroke 
    • Personal trainer and staff member at athletic clubs in Solana Beach and San Diego California where he gained experience working along side some of the top fitness professionals at that time
    • Private client fitness training and advising on the South Coast
    • Personal trainer and Wellness Center staff member at the Newport County RI YMCA

    Since its opening in April 2014, David has been a personal trainer and staff member at the Dartmouth YMCA's Healthy Living Center.* He is currently accepting new clients.

    For over 36 years, since age 22, David has engaged in 60 to 90 minutes of daily exercise, with a love for outdoor activities.


    *Unlike any fitness center or training studio, this is a beautiful, boutique-style, aesthetically designed fitness center in an historic building, with plenty of windows for ample natural light and fresh air (but also has AC), a comfortable waiting area, a mature, experienced fitness staff, and, it's rarely crowded.

    Rates of those engaging in unhealthy lifestyles continue to rise to all time highs. So it's no wonder that rates of lifestyle-caused diseases are continuing to rise to all time highs.


    "Most people have been conditioned to believe in and live by the erroneous paradigms that health care means symptom relief and being healthy means no pain. This has resulted in health not being a priority, wellness not given a thought, and well being, the pinnacle of wellness, not even a figment of imagination...until the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle come crashing in on them with a health crisis, or, later in life, when, realistically, it's too late to change their health very much, if at all. Meaning they have a very good chance of reduced longevity - a much shorter life, reduced quantity of life - far fewer things they are able to do, and reduced quality of life - dealing with chronic diseases and being in chronic dis-ease for the rest of their lives."


    Become enlightened on how to break free of this apathy and conditioning, and, learn how to empower well being, making it a way of life, a way to live, a lifestyle.

    With popular culture pushing us into the unhealthy model of "immediate change", David explains the benefits and longevity of a KISS (keep it simple) and DIGS (do it gradually) approach to lifestyle changes and well being.

    Overcome the typical apathy about healthy living. Learn how easy it is to achieve well being through a healthy lifestyle by receiving guidance and direction on a variety of lifestyle areas including exercise, healthy eating, food choices, supplements, natural health care options, mindfulness, relaxation techniques and more.


    Learn how to empower your evolution, body, mind and spirit. Lose body fat while adding lean muscle, strength, energy, balance, flexibility, gain confidence, feel better and have better health, according to your particular body, lifestyle, and limitations.


    You will also be introduced to the powerful hidden gift, innate intelligence, that's inside your body, that few people ever become aware of or tap into to enhance their health. Experience what it means to live in well being, to feel "elan vitale".


    Well Being (Wellness) - A philosophy of life and personal hygiene that views health as not merely the absence of illness but the fullest realization of one's physical and mental potential, as achieved through positive attitudes, fitness training, a diet low in fat and high in fiber, and the avoidance of unhealthful practices. (Stedman's Medical Dictionary for Health Professions)


    To schedule personal training with David, leave a voice message for him at 508-542-7335.




    David is also available as a guest speaker to all types of groups, conventions, meetings, churches, lyceums, events, seminars and colleges and universities. Speaking is $70 per half hour.

    To schedule David as a guest speaker, leave a voice message for him at 508-542-7335.


    Benefits of Personal Training


    1 - Motivation: that praise and extra push, each session and in the long term, when you would otherwise quit on yourself.

    2 - Accountability: keeping you consistent which will lead you to impressive results.

    3 - Intensity: chosing the right intensity for you during each work out.

    4 - Expertise: tailoring workouts to your goals, abilities and limitations, and closely monitoring each session to how your body responds to your routine, which allows you to get the best possible results in the shortest amount of time.

    5 - Safety: ensuring that your workout is safe and effective for your particular situation and ability.

    6 - Advice: always there when you need it, and tailored to you, your abilities, limitations and goals.

    7 - Knowledge: you gain the ability to use a variety of exercises and techniques on your own.